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We,here,love Mark (also known as Markiplier).And you'll find quotes of his here.

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Who’s didgeridoo-ing?! Don’t didgeridoo me! Markiplier, Bunker 16

shutupnurse asked: I LOVE YOU DOCTOR-

SHUT UP NURSE! I Know you do!

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Yes, nurse?

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PISS BALLS ASS Markiplier everytime something goes wrong (via weeabooob)
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It’s a murder monkey! Markiplier, Dark Deception (via quotes-by-markiplier)
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I’m so judging the post directly above me…


I’m so judging the post directly above me…

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Out of context this probably doesn’t look sane in any way.

Happy Wheels Highlights #45

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Hey, here’s a ramble


Hey, if you saw this post, you’ll know who I’m talking about. My little ramble is on a fandom/youtuber crossover, including the wonderfully talented markiplier, eatmydiction1, and imyamimash. And my crossover is of my favourite Lego series: Bionicle. Mainly the Three Virtues and who I feel represents each.

1. Diction/Unity - My reasoning for this choice is that I’m used to Diction always playing games, whether on stream or youtube, with other youtubers. It’s something I enjoy seeing in his vids.

2. Yamimash/Duty - I know that Yami does collabs with other youtubers, but I mainly see him as doing his job…his “duty”. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, seeing as he’s among my faves.

3. Mark/Destiny - Mark has his share of both before, and has a plan of how to use his influence. His intention for the channel is to entertain, and help others. 

Whether in real life, or in-video, these three are among the most awesome people out there.

[BAWKING INTENSIFIES] Markiplier (Markichicken?), Turbo Dismount | ULTIMATE UNDULATION